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Been a while...

2 May 2023

Kept adding my Marathons over the past 4 years and now had to update again as my phone number is changing...

Stay safe out there, my friends! Keep smiling!

More running...

12 May 2019

Added my marathons #17 and #18 and plans for 2020

New gallery!

19 Dec 2018

Yet another gallery used now, as the previous one has run out of service, so you can now find pictures from our 2018 trips to Helsinki and to Ireland posted in new format for your viewing pleasure...

... and Marathons #12-#16 have been added as well...



14 May 2017

Due to some technical issues with the website the whole gallery structure got corrupted, so as I had to start over,
I used a different tool now and organized all the pictures in a series of albums properly. Visit the travel section and start browsing... :)

Plus, added pictures from the Tomb Raider Suite event in London (Dec 2016) and from the most recent Marathons in Rome (Apr 2017, #10) and Prague (May 2017, #11)

...and more...

17 Jun 2016

Marathon #7 completed and added to the list - including photos from our subsequent vacation in Scotland long last...

29 May 2015

...finally did some catching up by adding many more pictures in the Travel section and also adding a page covering my Marathon experiences!

...and some more...

29 Jul 2012

Pictures added in the Travel section from our Sweden experiences: A few days after Christmas in Stockholm in 2011 and a roadtrip from Germany to Gräsmark in July 2012, passing by Denmark and with a quick excursion to Norway included

28 Jan 2011

Pictures added from a quick trip to London for a Mini TR Meeting in Aug 2010 and our wonderful vacation in New Zealand in Jan 2011

11 Jul 2010

Pictures added from a quick trip to Berlin for the only concert by Prince in Germany on July 5

01 Jan 2010

Pictures added from our romantic Christmas trip to Paris, France

05 Oct 2009

Pictures added from our trip to beautiful Piedmont, Italy in Sep/Oct 09

More Travel pictures!

15 May 2009

Pictures added from our trip to Port d'Andratx, Mallorca in Apr/May 09 Relaunch!

15 Jul 2008

CV Section and Travel pictures now fully completed Relaunch! YAY!

14 Jul 2008

Well, who would have thought that this site actually will experience a complete make-over after so many years...

I would like to Thank Nadine for virtually 'kicking my butt' and creating the overall design for this relaunch!

Thanks to her, I am now in the process of updating my CV and filling the individual travel pages with all the pictures. Not yet fully done, but should not be long before it is fully complete...

Will keep you all posted...!