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Michael Prager

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen - Details

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Diploma Thesis

Time Period: Jul 1992 - Dec 1992
Location: Wiesloch and Mannheim, Germany
Details: ‘Development of a graphical user interface for a distributed Application in the area of capacity planning’ (rated: A)

This work included a pilot introduction of OS/2 Version 2.0 and the object oriented programming language ENFIN/3 and the design, development, implementation of a Client-Server application for Capacity Planning. It also included some research on Software Ergonomics.

Intermediate Thesis

Time Period: Mar 1990 - Apr 1990
Location: Wiesloch and Mannheim, Germany
Details: ‘Development of an IT-System to support Material requests’ (rated: A)

During these 9 weeks, two CICS transactions were developed in PL/I to support the Material Request Handling, including documentation and user manual.

Part-Time Consulting

Time Period: Nov 1988 - Feb 1993
Location: Wiesloch, Germany
Details: Mainly Software Development/Engineering; Programming, Testing and introduction of PL/I programs in CICS/DL/I environment.


Time Period: Aug 1988 - Oct 1988
Location: Wiesloch, Germany
Details: Project area Pre-Production,
mainly Software Maintenance